Our Goal

Our fundamental goal at CCA is to nourish the souls of our students on those things which are true, good and beautiful so that when these young men and women step out in the world to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives, they will be able to have a profound influence on the culture, not simply survive it. The classical method we employ allows us to accomplish this goal.



covenant minds

Bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. The development of a thorough, biblically-based view of the world and our place in it are foundational to a CCA education. We seek to equip our children to love what God calls lovely, to delight in His Word and His world, and to live in joyful submission to the ways of God. 

classical methods

Throughout history, the tools of grammar, logic, and rhetoric have been the cornerstone of early education. These tools 'cut with the grain' of how children learn. Thinking precisely, reasoning faithfully, and communicating effectively comprise these arts of language. The mathematical arts simultaneously round out the study of creation, showing the order and elegance of God's world.


academic excellence

A sense of wonder and discovery is nurtured as our students travel their course here, doing all they do with all of their might for the glory of God.Excellence in all academic disciplines is the pursuit of our students, informed by their understanding of the Scriptures and the development of the tools of the mind.