Veteran, statesman, and teacher John W. Gardner wrote, "Great gifts unused, even unsuspected, are hardly a rarity. No doubt there have always been a great many men and women of extraordinary talent who have died with all their music in them.” Everyone of us - from the most accomplished to the most common - was imbued with unique gifts, talents, abilities, and aptitudes from God the Father. We were all created with purpose and for a purpose. Gifts unused. Talents unsuspected. Music unplayed. This is the tragedy we strive to fight against.
Quoted on Circe's blog by David Kern, June 2015


What would motivate one to spend anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days climbing a cliff? I know a gentleman who does just that once each year. El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park in California, is a 3000-foot sheer cliff-face, wide enough that, if you don't know what you are doing, you can get lost and die.

He climbs this face, sometimes on a 24-hour quick-climb, with one goal in mind; to get to the top in order to look down. As he stands at the summit, he comes face-to-face with the sublime; tending to inspire awe usually because of elevated quality (as of beauty, nobility, or grandeur) or transcendence of excellence. In that awe-struck moment, he is overcome with his comparative insignificance to the mountain; but then is struck with the overwhelming sense of his insignificance in relation to God.

On Christmas night, my wife and I had the first-time pleasure of holding a newborn grandson in our arms. As most of you know, we have five children, so we've held our share of newborns. However, this was the first time that my thoughts were flooded with the wonder of His incarnation. Jesus, the Creator and Sustainer of EVERYTHING!!! subjected himself to being in a state of helplessness; having to be cared for, nourished, sustained by humans. Humans who depended upon Him for their very breath and life.

These experiences of beauty and awe, this sublimity, should continually point our hearts and minds to our Father. Being in the presence of beauty affects us the same. This is why we are so moved when standing before great pieces of art or listening to great music.

Many of us were able to be moved by some of the music we heard last month during Advent. Handel's Messiah and our own Lessons and Carols provided us an opportunity to experience beauty in a way that moves our hearts to adoration.

As we continue to grow and thrive as a school our goal is to expose our students to as many experiences of the sublime that we can. We wish to inspire all of our students to spend a life well- lived; to allow them to find the unique gifts with which God has planted in them. We want them to find that purpose for which they were created. This is the tragedy we strive to fight against.