house system

In order to build camaraderie among all students and instill leadership skills in older students, CCA uses a house system for all of it's students.

At the beginning of each school year, new students will be placed in a house they will remain in for the duration of their time at CCA. House leaders will be determined by the staff and will be chosen from the Upper School students. Houses will meet each week where they will hand out merits/demerits the students have earned in the previous weeks, celebrate birthdays, memorize Scripture, and track box tops and labels, which are collected by house.

Each year CCA awards a House Trophy engraved with the name of the house that has earned the most points for its various achievements over the course of the year. House members may earn points for their house in a few ways: first, by going above and beyond in acts of godly service, chivalry, and the fruits of the Spirit; second, by outstanding academic achievement; and third, by their excellent participation in competitions and exhibitions of skill throughout the year. House members may also lose points for their house by misbehaving (e.g., tardiness, rule-breaking, uniform violations, etc.).

  Family                                                                                                Mentoring

  Camaraderie                          Accountability




aetos (eAGLE)

  • SYMBOL: The EAGLE because in the Gospel of John, John's “soaring” focus on Jesus' divinity. 

  • REPRESENTS: NOBILITY and WISDOM. It is also a traditional picture of Jesus' resurrection. 

  • MOTTO: "Let your light shine in darkness." 

  • VERSE: Isaiah 40:31 

tauros (bull)

  • SYMBOL: The BULL because in the Gospel of Luke there is a clear focus on the sacrifice of Jesus.

  • REPRESENTS: HUMILITY and PATIENCE. It is also a traditional picture of Jesus' redeeming sacrifice. 

  • MOTTO: “His righteousness is our strength.” 

  • VERSE: 1 Peter 2:9  


  • SYMBOL: The LION because in the Gospel of Mark the lion makes its voice heard through a roar, so do Mark's words proclaim Jesus as Messiah.

  • REPRESENTS:   WATCHFULNESS and CHRISTLIKENESS. It is also a traditional picture of Jesus as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. 

  • MOTTO: "The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion."

  • VERSE: Revelation 5:5  


Covenant Classical Academy athletes are coached to compete with an emphasis on Christian character, teamwork and godly attitudes. CCA athletes understand that they glorify God when they practice and play with skill, strategy and vigor. They learn that God is most glorified when each athlete – and the team as a whole – strives for excellence physically and mentally, and does so with godly character.

Covenant Classical Academy Athletics
CCA currently offers the following school athletic team and club options:

  • Cross Country - Boys and girls in grades 1-12
  • Fencing - Boys and girls in grades 1-12
  • Archery - Boys and girls in grades 3-12


Check the Parent Portal or call the office for details.